About Buying and Selling

Selling a Yacht

The decision to sell your yacht is highly emotive and your choice of company to represent you throughout the process is of paramount importance. At Dbeere Yachts we understand that even with production motor yachts, each vessel is uniqiue, they are a direct reflection of their owners, each reflecting their personal taste, style and personality. Each yacht tells a different story and it is our job to set your yacht apart from its competitors in the marketplace, to highlight the features that make her special and therefore a first choice for any potential buyer. While the team at Dbeere Yachts employs a focused analytical approach to selling your yacht, it is our understanding and ability to set your yacht apart in the marketplace that ensures a successful result. With decades of collective experience from crew to captain to broker our team understands the nuances involved in selling your yacht and is meticulous in its attention to detail in complex maritime transactions. From marketing your yacht to successful contract negotiation through survey, sea trial, document preparation and completion, the team at Dbeere Yachts is focused on realising maximum returns in the shortest possible timeframe, ensuring the process is as enjoyable as possible.

Buying a Yacht

At Dbeere Yachts we recognise that for many the purchase of a luxury yacht is synonymous with success and can represent the pinnacle of a career that is enjoyed only by a select group of people. We approach each purchase, whether 12 m or 60m and up with the same levels of diligence and professionalism, listening carefully to our clients needs and wishes and presenting an analytical market report with options targeted specifically to your needs. Market research and up to date information are the keys to finding the right yacht, at the right place; utilising a global network of industry insiders the team at Dbeere Yachts delivers results. Most importantly we strive to create long-term relationships with our clients providing advice and direction long after the initial purchase is complete.